4 Tips For Installing A Bathroom Mirror

Posted on: 17 April 2020

If you are remodeling your bathroom, or you just want a little change in your bathroom, a new mirror can really change up the way your bathroom looks. When it comes to hanging a new mirror though, you need to plan. Mirrors are heavy and require some skill in order to install properly.

Tip #1: Start With a Custom-Cut Mirror

For the best results, you are going to want to order a custom-cut mirror. A custom cut mirror can be designed to fit around any obstacles in your bathroom, such as lights, and will look seamless up against your bathroom wall. A custom-cut mirror will fit exactly above your sink and will help enhance the professional look of your bathroom.

Tip #2: Measure Accurately for the Mirror

Before you order a custom-cut mirror or purchase an already made mirror, you are going to need to make sure you measure as accurately as possible. If you want the mirror to go up to the ceiling, you will need to measure right up to the crown molding.

To get the best measurements, you are going to want to remove the light fixture and measure the electrical box around the light fixture. With the lightbox, measure each side individually; don't assume one side is the same length as the other side because the box may not actually be square.

As always, double and triple check your measurements to ensure they are accurate.

Tip #3: Always Dry Fit the Mirror

Next, you need to do a dry fit of the mirror. A dry fit means you take the mirror, lift it up, and make sure that it fits properly. As you hold the mirror up, you need to make sure the mirror fits around the light fixture, and that you have space to screw the mirror into place. You can mark where you need to put the mirror with a pencil. If the mirror doesn't fit accurately, take measurements so the mirror can be adjusted to fit your space.

Tip #4: Use Some Glue

Professional mirrors look seamless because they use more than screws to hold them up. Generally, professional mirrors are held up with adhesive. Mastic adhesive is the type of adhesive most commonly used to hang up mirrors. It is a great adhesive that can stick to many substances and works well in wet and moist environments, such as a bathroom.

If you are not up to the task of hanging up a new bathroom mirror, or the bathroom mirror is too large for you to hang up on your own, you can hire a professional glass company, such as Econo Glass Systems, to put the mirror for you. A professional installer will carefully and securely hang the mirror for you and take down your old mirror as well.


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