What To Do When You Have A Broken Window

Posted on: 4 December 2020

No one wants to find themselves with a broken window. Whether it was caused by a foul ball or rowdy neighborhood kids, you need to get it cleaned up quickly and fixed. Here are three things you should do when you find the broken glass and feel overwhelmed.

Access The Damage

The spread of glass will vary depending on the type of impact the window received. Do not step where you see glass. If you own a shop vac, this is a great tool for the job. Suck up as many pieces of glass as you can. Larger pieces can be picked up while you wear thick protective gloves. Find an empty cardboard box and line it with a garbage bag. That way if the glass pierces the bag, the glass can still be contained in the box. Even after you can't see glass on the ground, you should do a thorough vacuuming of the entire space. Some glass pieces are too small to see and can be dangerous to step on for family members or pets. 


You will need to gather some measurements so you can decide your next steps. Start by taking measurements of the entire window frame and all. Then you can measure the size of the opening that holds the glass. Take notice of how thick the glass is and if it was tinted or layered glass. The cost of the replacement process will vary depending on the overall size of the window and the other details like the type of casing or frame it's in. You can call and get a bid on the job at this point after you have measurements. 


You need to find a good glass repair shop that can make a new custom glass piece to go in your existing window frame. If your window is a standard size they carry, they may have glass ready for immediate use. Ask them about different types of glass and other options that might be a good fit and could leave you with a stronger window. Leave the installation to the professionals. They will work to remove any other pieces that were left lodged in the window frame. Then they will carefully deconstruct the window frame, replace the glass, and get things put back together. 

Broken windows are a major inconvenience, but they don't have to be the end of the world. Get things cleaned up and safe so you can take your measurements and find a glass repair professional. Find a local glass repair business that comes highly reviewed and can help you put things back together.

For more information, reach out to local glass repair services today.


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