Hiring A Professional To Replace The Glass In Your Business

Posted on: 1 February 2021

If you are dealing with commercial glass, some things make it different from the glass you would use in a residential setting. Working with a commercial glass contractor is crucial to ensure that the glass is not damaged and no one is hurt during installation or removal of glass sheets. 

Commercial Glass

Glass is made in different ways, and even though it all looks the same, different kinds of glass can have very different properties. Commercial glass is often laminated sheets of glass that are bonded with a polyethylene material between the sheets to help stabilize the glass if it is impacted by an object. 

Commercial glass is also commonly tempered glass that is more durable than standard glass and will break but is engineered to shatter into small pieces that are less likely to puncture skin if someone falls against it. The plastic sheet in the middle of the laminated glass is also there to help the glass stay together if something hits it, again making the glass safer for people if it shatters.

Professional Instalaltion

If you are using commercial glass in your storefront or business, there are some excellent reasons to have a commercial glass contractor deal with the glass. Any large sheet of commercial glass is going to be heavy and hard to move. Commercial glass contractors have the right tools and training to deal with the glass without breaking or damaging it. 

The glass is durable, but even a tempered and laminated sheet of glass will break if it is dropped or mishandled. A sheet of glass that is hit on a corner or edge while it is being moved can crack as well. 

The cost of these glass sheets is high, and if you damaged one because you were trying to save money on the installation, you would likely spend more to replace the glass than the contractor would charge to install it. Hiring a commercial glass contractor to deal with the glass and the installation can save you a lot of stress and a lot of time. 

Selecting Your Glass

There are different commercial glass products available for various uses, so it can be helpful to talk with a commercial glass supplier about your situation so they can recommend a product for you. Security glass may have some additional wire mesh in it, storefront glass may have specific tempering for safety, and office glass for modern spaces with glass walls is also going to have specific properties that are essential to the stability and durability of the glass. 

For more information, contact a commercial glass contractor.


Working With Glass

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