4 Things to Know About Residential Window Tinting

Posted on: 5 April 2021

Some people only think about their windows when they break and need replacing. Obviously, if you have a crack in a window or a broken window, it's important to have it taken care of immediately. On that same note, if you notice damage to the frame that holds the window, then this should be replaced. However, there is something else that you should consider doing to your windows for a number of reasons and this is putting tint on them. This is something that is relatively inexpensive to do and something that can be extremely beneficial in the ways you can learn about below:

1. Tint protects your flooring

It can be hard to imagine how putting a tint on the windows can have anything at all to do with the condition of the flooring inside your house, but it can. Have you ever noticed how your welcome mat on your porch will look bleached out as time goes on? This is due to the sun shining on it and naturally bleaching it. This same thing can happen to the floors in your home when the sun just comes right through the windows and hits on the floors each day; tinting will put an end to this.

2. Tint protects your furniture

Just as how the sun will bleach the floors in your home, it will do this same thing to the upholstery of your furniture. In fact, it can even do it to wooden furniture and even to the paint on your walls, as well as paintings. If you have expensive paintings displayed around your home, then you can see how this can become a serious concern for you.

3. Tint keeps prying eyes out

You may find you look outside at times only to see someone walking past your house and looking right in. This is not a nice feeling. Once you have tint put on the windows, you can feel comfortable in the fact that the only thing the people walking by staring can possibly be looking at is the exterior of your home, because they won't be able to see inside.

4. Tinting keeps your home cooler

When you tint the windows it also stops the heat from passing right through the windows, allowing you to keep your home cooler for less expense and without using the HVAC system quite as much as you would use it otherwise.

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