5 Main Component Of High Impact Windows

Posted on: 26 August 2021

There are many different designs of high-impact windows, available in different styles and price points. They all share some basic features in common and must undergo impact tests for safety. The more you know about the main components, the easier it will be to compare the different windows. 

1. Panes

All impact windows consist of more than a single pane of glass. At a bare minimum, there are two panes plus an inner core. Some designs may also incorporate a third pane that seals in an insulated gas. These will be sold as insulated high-impact windows, and they can help conserve energy as well as protect your home against hurricane force winds and other impact concerns. 

2. Glass

It takes more than multiple panes to make a window impact resistant. The glass itself must be tempered so that it doesn't shatter upon impact, as shards can be quite dangerous during a storm or other event. The glass will be tested and an impact rating will be assigned. This rating will inform of the speed and size of impact the glass can withstand, which can then help guide your purchase decision.

3. Core

Every impact window has an inner layer or core. This core material is sandwiched between two of the layers of shatter-proof glass. The core layer is made of a high-strength clear vinyl. It won't interfere with the clarity of the window, but it does help anchor the glass even further against impacts, as well as providing an additional layer of protection in the event that one of the glass layers does happen to break. 

4. Coating

Some impact windows may also feature an exterior coating, but this isn't a requirement of the high impact rating. The coating is typically also made of vinyl and it is designed to help hold the glass together in the event that it breaks. It can also absorb and redistribute the force of an impact to further minimize the impact so that damage doesn't affect the glass or inner core. 

5. Frame

High impact window frames are typically made of wood or metal, although reinforced vinyl frames with a wood or metal core are also available. Metal is the most durable, and often the most costly, option as it is strong enough to withstand most impact damage. Wood runs a close second, but severe impacts can cause it to warp or splinter. 

Contact a dealer of impact-resistant windows if you would like to learn more. 


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