Repairing Your Damaged Panes Of Glass

Posted on: 20 December 2021

Glass can be among the most fragile components in a building or vehicle. Not surprisingly, this can lead to a person needing to hire a glass repair service to restore the appearance and integrity of the pane.

Is Auto Glass The Only Type That Can Be Repaired?

Auto glass can be one of the types of glass that individuals will need to have repaired the most frequently. This should not be a surprise given that flying debris from the road can strike the glass with tremendous force. However, the glass in the windows of your home can also be prone to suffering damage. In particular, strong storms can send debris into the panes of glass with enough force to scratch, crack or even break the pane.

Is It Worth Repairing Scuffing On The Surface Of The Glass?

Extensive cracking and deep chips can be some of the more common types of damage that will make glass repair necessary. However, scuffing can be another problem that will potentially have major impacts on the appearance and integrity of the panes of glass. Depending on the extent of the scuffing, it may be possible to repair it by applying a thin coating of resin over the scuffs. You can help to reduce the risk of significant scuff marks forming by hiring an expert to apply a protective film to the exterior of the glass. This is particularly useful when you have bushes or tree branches near the window. Plants can be a very common source of scuffing as strong winds may cause the branches to rub against the glass. Unfortunately, this may not be a viable or cost-effective repair if there is widespread scuffing, which may lead to the pane needing to be replaced. 

Will Glass Repair Resin Leave Visible Marks On The Glass?

When you are repairing a chip or crack, the use of glass repair resin can be an important tool. These resins can be used to fill the damaged section of the glass. Once the resin is applied and dried, it will provide an almost unnoticeable repair. Typically, a person would have to be examining the glass pane very closely to be able to tell where the repair resin was applied. A professional technician will further enhance these results as they will have tools that can make it easy to avoid getting repair resin on the undamaged portions of the glass as this may be far more noticeable.

If you are in need of glass repair contact a specialist to help you. 


Working With Glass

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