Do You Need New Shower Enclosures In Your Home?

Posted on: 22 November 2022

When your bathroom needs a shower enclosure glass door replacement, you should call a professional glass service to assist you. This way, you ensure your replacement is done without a problem and you get a new glass enclosure you can enjoy for years to come.

Do you need new shower glass enclosures in your home? It can be hard to tell if you do or not because sometimes seemingly broken glass simply needs to be repaired or cleaned. Or, a glass enclosure that just looks dirty may need to actually be replaced. Here's a guide to help you determine if your shower enclosures glass doors replacement needs are necessary or if you can simply repair what you have.

Your doors are off the hinges or not closing properly

Poorly fitted shower enclosure doors may be in need of replacement because they are falling off hinges and have other broken components. Your glass installation specialist will come to your home and determine whether repairs can be made or if the whole entire glass door enclosure should be replaced. If the frame needs to be replaced, it's often in your best interest to replace the glass as well, especially if it's older.

Your glass is chipped, scratched, or faded

Your glass door shower enclosure should be private, but should also allow for plenty of beauty and appeal. This means if they are scratched or damaged in any way, they should be replaced. They should also be replaced if they are yellowed, chipped along the edges, or if they are scratched badly because mold and mildew grow easily in these areas. Your glass shower door enclosure specialist will show you several replacement glass options to consider within your budget that will fit your existing frame, or they can upgrade your entire glass door enclosure.

Your shower enclosure is dated and mildewed

A dated, moldy, and mildewed shower door glass enclosure should be replaced because it's an eyesore and a potential health hazard to your home. Your glass installation expert will examine your bathroom's current design and will help you come up with a new plan for making your bathroom enclosure more modern and enjoyable. The installation costs may include the cost to remove your existing glass shower door enclosure and if the framework is still sound and compatible with your new windows, you can even save money and continue using the frames if you wish. Get a quote from your glass door installation specialist to learn more.


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